Feathering Your Nest

  • By Brenda Buckingham
  • 16 Mar, 2010
Howdy girlfriends!
Well, finally I am back and ready to post . . . between having issues with making my blog work correctly and camera problems, it has taken me quite a while to get this post up and running. I’d like to blame it all on the computer or software, but I think it was mostly user error . . . I am a bit of a techno midget!
I have been having lots of fun putting away winter decor, cleaning and putting up touches of spring. It was funny that the day I decided to put up spring decor, it decided to snow here! I think my little church birdhouse is very sweet nestled with snow.
I gathered up all of my snowmen decorations, as it snowed, which seemed rather ironic, but I was determined for Spring to find it’s way home! I love my large primitive snowman . . . believe it or not, I bought him a few years back for only $4!

Next the valentine decor was put away. I love hearts and the warm touch valentines bring to a home, but had to make room for Spring. I love the hand carved wooden heart bowls. They sometimes reappear throughout the year with various goodies in them. After all, hearts should be something we should have all year . .. not just at Valentine’s Day!

I haven’t decorated as excessively for Spring and Easter this year as sometimes . . . it just felt good to have things a bit simpler. As I am not really a “pastels” kind of girl, most of my Easter touches aren’t traditional.

In the dining room, I put sunflowers in the crock on top of the kitchen queen. I know sunflowers are more of a summer decor, but I love the warm country glow they give, so I use them for a good 8 or 9 months out of the year. I love this old piece . . . it sat in my parents garage for many years . . . Mom always wanted it in the family room, but it was just one of those projects they never got to and so I was thrilled when I had the chance to bring it home!

I call the sweet pig on top of the cabinet Porky Petunia. Isn’t she cute? I bought her as a mascot for my Antique Shows, back when I still had Past Blessings Antique Shows on a regular basis. Everyone always tried to buy her and she eventually started to get a bit chipped from all her travels so she has since retired to the top of the kitchen queen.

Our kitchen is open to the living room and dining room, so there is always a pressure to keep it clean . . . if it is dirty, it seems to make the whole upstairs feel dirty. I love the big wooden star I found for $1 at a garage sale . . . it was originally for stringing Christmas lights on it up on a roof top. The dough boy, which acts as our kitchen island, was a gift from my husband Ron for our 15th anniversary. I repainted it the aged green color, but am contemplating painting it cadet blue in the near future.

I keep the basket of eggs out most of the year, but it is especially fitting at Easter time. My husband bought this egg basket for me for my birthday last year . . . he picked it out all by himself . . . I think he has pretty good taste!

The red china hutch is made up of two pieces I “married” together. The top part used to be an old built in from an old church here in Spokane. I painted the back cadet blue, so that my large red transferware collection would have a bit more “pop”. I used to have a much bigger collection of red transferware than this, but it seemed to take on a life of its own, so I did a major thinning a couple years ago. The bottom is an old dresser that I bought from a lady in my neighborhood. I painted both pieces colonial red to tie them together. Sometimes I open the doors and hang old linens from the doors, but I liked the cleaner look of closed doors for spring.

The sweet little bunny in the basket is made of straw and natural fibers. I painted the basket a deep blackish-blue. The paper mache eggs are a garage sale find. I paid 25 cents each and they are worth about $30 to $40 each!
The sweet old music book and hymnal helps to remind us to focus on the true meaning of Easter . . . the crucifixion of Christ as payment for our sins and the ultimate resurrection, giving us the gift of eternal life!
We recently repainted the walls in our main living areas. It had been a butter yellow, but after six years with three teenaged boys, was in a real need of a good paint job. I had collected “boo-boo paints from hardware stores for a year or two and then got a five gallon bucket and mixed it to produce a warm goldish-tan color. I love how it is neutral but also very warm at the same time.
All the upholstered furniture in our living room is off of craigslist. I had a beautiful antique barley twist sofa and chair that I recently sold to help pay off medical bills we incurred with some issues our youngest son has been having. Then we bought these affordable pieces off craigslist. I am happy with them and pleased to have been able to make a dent in our debt.

This charcoal colored colonial sofa was $75. It was brand new but had a little 1/2″ slit cut in the arm when it was opened by the hotel it was originally meant for. I just toss the little red and white throw over the slit and no one knows the difference. Because it is hotel furniture, it sits nice and firm.
The blue checked settee or love seat was only $75. I love it’s high back and I have always been a sucker for anything checked!
And the two red plaid wing back chairs were only $25 each! Makes decorating so affordable!

Well girls, this is all the time I have for letting you take a peek at my home today . . . I will post the remaining pictures next time. In the meantime, I would like to encourage each of you to take the time to feather your own nest. Our homes are a reflection of us . . . if it is dirty or dingy, it reflects an unhappy heart. Let the love of God shine through your home to bless you, your family and your friends. Until next time . . .

Hugs & Blessings ,


By Brenda 07 Jun, 2017
I am so happy to finally be able to blog again!  As many of you may remember I kept hiring website designers that for reasons unknown, kept dropping off the face of the earth.  Finally, in frustration I got the world's thickest Wordpress book and taught myself enough to get my site up and going.  But things kept changing and some plug ins would simply stop working.  My blog wasn't letting me add the fonts I wanted.  More and more issues kept creeping up.   In January, when we ran an ad for one of our shows, a digital code was added to our website to drive traffic.  Not realizing the power of Spambots . . . I hadn't even known what they were before this . . . this code now opened the world to these robots to place spam on my page.  Before we finally switched over to this new site I had . . . get this (almost worthy of a drum roll!)  30,000 spam comments waiting to get on my blog posts!!  It was so incredibly frustrating.  Finally, we went to our team of amazing experts (Katie, Kelly, Melissa and Casey) and had them recreate things.  There were certain things I wanted to remain.  I am abnormally attached to my turquoise barnwood.  I needed my pig logo.  I wanted a similar look and feel to my old page . . . but cleaner and easier to use.  They listened.  They made changes that I wanted.   And they created "captchas" . . . which is where you have to click a button declaring that you are not a robot . . . see apparently Spambots don't have fingers . . . or at least not coordinated fingers . . . so they can't click buttons.  So today I am finally able to blog.  So many changes and exciting things happening here . . . but for today I just want to say "I am back and I am glad you are here, visiting my page."  And I want to say I am grateful.  For something so simple as being able to blog again.  The evil Spambots have been conquered!  Life is good!
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Tonight I just got home after setting up for our latest show, “Pickin’ Christmas”, which will take place at the Greyhound Event Center in Post Falls Idaho this coming weekend, December 3 and 4.  We have the spots all marked off, the placement figured out for everything from decor to ticket booths . . . and my booth is done.  I am pleased with how simple it came together and how nice I think it will display.  But still tonight finds me anxious and stressed.

By Brenda 28 Nov, 2016
Today, as I sit in my comfy wing back chair, writing this post, the snow is gently falling and  I feel the spirit of Christmas cheer coming as well.  I love this time of the year and we are so excited to be able to add some holiday fun to the lives of those in the Northern Idaho and Eastern Washington area.
By Brenda 24 Nov, 2016
It’s almost here . . . our newest addition to our line up of “Pickin’ Shows” . . . Pickin’ Christmas will come to the beautiful venue, Greyhound Park & Event Center in Post Falls, Idaho December 3 and 4.  This show will be fabulous . . . we will pack the venue with the most amazing, hand picked vendors . . . from vintage to handcrafted creations, there is something for everyone . . . and for everyone on your Christmas list.  Furniture, signs, jewelry, candles, original design clothing, metal art, and so much more.  Repurposed, upcycled and recreated treasures.  Enjoy the lovely Christmas music playing in the background as you find one-0f-a-kind treasures and enjoy fabulous food from our food vendors.  $7.00 gets you in for the entire weekend (with a stamp on your hand) and kiddos under 12 are always free.  Free parking as well, at this conveniently located venue, just off of I-90.  Don’t miss it!!
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